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Book 1 in the David Family Saga: Bayou Rogues

Bailey’s short life may be rendered even shorter if fortune doesn’t turn her wheel. Unfortunately, most of what she needs is out of her control. The one thing she can control is the quantity and quality of her sex life. She dreams of connecting with a dominant male, one who knows how to take what he wants, one who can deliver the kind of illicit sex that will make her feel desired and dirty and totally satisfied.

In spite of the fact that he goes home with a different girl almost every night, Parker is all too happy to give Bailey what she wants. But after he gets a taste of Bailey obsession takes hold. He wants her, and while he’s never been in an exclusive relationship, Bailey has him pondering monogamy. Problem is, Bailey’s not interested. In fact, she goes to great lengths to prevent the development of deep feelings between them.

Parker senses a raging tide boiling beneath Bailey’s surface and he intends to find out what she’s hiding. When Bailey’s camouflage is removed, Parker is compelled to make the ultimate sacrifice.



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Chapter 1

As strong warm hands on Bailey’s waist guided her face down onto the bed a light breeze drifted over the skin of her exposed bottom.

“Hang on, just gotta put on a condom.”

The abundance of alcohol coursing through Parker’s system had slurred his words.

Her knees felt the bite from the hardwood beneath. What she’d thought at first glance was a bed was nothing more than a slab of wood with not enough padding. Blankets and pillows hinted at sleep.

The unmistakable zip of a condom wrapper being opened reached her ears and she listened hard for other sounds. She detected only the choppy waves lapping repetitively against the sides of the boat.

She was on an old rickety boat with some guy she didn’t know. Great. Come to think of it this situation was more than a little creepy. He could be a diabolical madman—a killer of puppies and babies. He could easily murder her and dump her body into the water. No one would ever know. Except Maura. Bailey frowned. They’d gotten into a fight when Bailey had announced she was leaving the club with Parker. Bailey told her sister he was harmless. He knew practically everyone at the club. All night long patrons called his name just to say hi—as if their acquaintance with him was quite something. Whoever he was, the entire town knew of him and he was well-liked.

He sure was taking his time. Turning her head, peripheral vision allowed Bailey just a glimpse of Parker removing his jeans. Damn, she wished she had a front row seat to that show. Her eyes scanned the section of boat in her line of vision. The boat had seen its better days. The windows were filmy and the wooden cabinets and counters water stained. She’d seen the large steering wheel and various antiquated nautical equipment. On the counter next to the makeshift bed was a single electric burner with an old rusty pot.

She wondered if he lived on the boat.

Attempting to turn over, she pushed against the bed with her hands, but he held her there by applying his palm to the small of her back. “Don’t move.” He chuckled. His voice was cajoling not harsh as he scooped her hair into his hands and positioned it over her left shoulder. “Do you want to leave?”

“No, I just . . .”

“Just what? If you’re having second thoughts you need to tell me because once I start, there’s no turning back.”
She wanted to see him. At the club his sexy arrogance, coupled with indifference, that billion-dollar smile, and his sarcastic, but witty personality had pressed all of her sex buttons. She had an image in her mind of what he would look like naked and she wanted to see if he the real Parker measured up. She also wanted to see . . . well, she thought it would be wise to take a look at . . . his member? . . . his junk? . . . his erection? How would a man refer to his most prized appendage? “No second thoughts, I just wanted to see your penis.”

“Penis is a bit clinical for my tastes. Call it a cock and I may let you see it.”

A cock! “I want to see your cock.” She smiled as she said the taboo word she’d rarely spoken.

He smacked her butt hard. “Don’t worry baby you’ll see it as you suck and lick it and I come down your throat.”
His impassioned words caused her to shiver. So she wouldn’t be able to size him up before they did the deed. No worries. He certainly was cocky. She giggled at the pun. This is what she’d sought when she went to the club. And she’d been able to gather some evidence regarding what equipment he was packing during their provocative exchange on the dance floor. Bailey wanted to be screwed by a man who knew exactly what he wanted and how to use what the good Lord had given him. Please let that be this man.

Maura had been opposed to the destructive behavior, but Bailey had told her sister that she might not be around next year and she definitely wanted to experience raw ecstasy before she passed on. That had been enough to end their conversation in the parking lot. Maura had boarded a cab without looking back and Bailey had gone into the club to grind some more against Parker.

At once Parker plunged one of his fingers into her depths and she cried out from the sudden fullness.

“Damn you’re snug. You’re wet though, that’ll help.”

Resting along the crease of her backside his erection was solid, heavy, and warm. Suddenly his cock rubbed between her folds. The sensation startled her and she jolted forward.

“Are you sure you really want this?” Frustration laced his voice.

“I want it!”

“Convince me.”

She pushed back, placing his erection between her legs and moved her hips to deposit her wetness onto his cock.
“Your body clearly wants it. What I meant was, convince me with your words.”

“Oh . . . er. . . I . . . um . . . want your stiff, hot rod to penetrate me.” Eww, that’s just dreadful.

Huge booming laughter vibrated through him and into her. “Well okay, but I’ve never heard it put quite that way before.” His hand slapped her butt and then she shrieked at the sudden intrusion of him fully sheathed inside of her. Stinging pain morphed into tingling bliss. Behind her he remained motionless giving her a chance to accommodate for his size.

When she moved her hips to adjust he pulled out half his length and slowly fed it back inside. Several passes at that same motion, along with his tranquil composure, had her begging.

“Ah, please.”

“We’ll get going in a bit, let me stretch out.” His voice had a lilt to it and she imagined he was smiling, maybe laughing at her.

He pulled out and his hands palmed her butt and kneaded. Then he spread her and his cock slowly advanced. “You’ve got a perfect little ass.” She acknowledged his words with a groan. “Ever been fucked here?” His finger rubbed around her bud.

“No.” She croaked.

He chuckled and then he was pounding into her using his hips with speed and precision. Each forward and backward stroke was as steady as the last. Furiously, he pumped gaining speed until even the boat was rocking to his rhythm. Whimpering, she was louder than she’d ever been during sex, usually preferring to keep her noises to a minimum, but the sounds were involuntary. His steel grip on her hips pulled and pushed at the flesh there to aid his efforts. Hard slapping and fleshy sounds coupled with their wetness and the creaks from the boat filled the berth.

Suddenly his arms looped through hers and pulled her to a standing position, his chest at her back. His fingers slithered down her body, his hand cupping her sex. “Give me your hand.” His voice was raspy.

He placed her hand where his had been. “Feel my cock pumping in and out of you.” His fingers pushed against hers and she gasped when she felt his hot hard length, wet from her juices, sliding in and out.

“Play with your clit. Make yourself come.”

His dirty whispers in her ear compiled the soundtrack of the most erotic scenes of her life. She placed her fingers on the spot and sighed in pleasure. This is what she’d been wanting, craving—a moment to forget her illness. She wanted to be treated like a sexy woman and this man, this magnificent man, was sharing his skills with her. God he knew how to make a woman’s body sing.

His thrusts slowed as he slid his middle finger into her mouth, imitating the movement of his cock. As quickly as it appeared his finger was gone. He pulled back a fraction and she felt pressure against her butt. She stilled, not sure she was ready for what he had planned.

“Relax. I’m just going to finger your ass.”

Her body seized. She was experiencing so much pleasure that she almost didn’t have enough emotion left to feel embarrassment. Almost. She pulled away. He pulled her back and thrust his cock with force deeper inside as his finger pushed into her mouth a second time.

His finger left her mouth to massage around the tight ring of muscle.

“Relax. Push against me. I promise it’ll be more pleasure than you’ve ever experienced.”

She closed her eyes and slowly massaged her clit. Inhaling deep she pushed against his finger and he slipped in.
Intense pain gave way to raw pleasure. It was different than the pleasure she gave herself with her clit massage and different from his cock filling her. Slight discomfort coupled with tingling bliss spread from her core. Every time he moved even a centimeter she felt it to the roots of her hair and the tips of her toes. The sensation was all consuming—like taking a plunge into a pool of ice cold water. Not a single cell had been left untouched.

She could have sworn he’d crawled inside of her and pleasured her from the inside out. Her own low cries were unrecognizable. She existed in a space that was untouched by time or gravity. She floated, the boat’s gentle rocking heightening her sense of weightlessness. She could no longer move, the ecstasy having rendered her incapable of processing anything other than rapture. His free hand gripped her sex and his finger massaged her clit as she came hard on his cock. Her muscles clamped down around the finger inside of her causing a flurry of intense pressure. Her tits hardened to the point of pain and she screamed his name over and over. He groaned as her muscles contracted around him. Together they reached the pinnacle and plummeted into carnal abyss.

Her body sagged after the last electric charge worked its way from her core. Still he jerked and moaned behind her. When her knees gave out he pulled her down with him as he sat on the bed and leaned against the side of the boat. They sat with her back to his front for several minutes. Her eyes closed and she knew she’d fall asleep if she didn’t fight it. Her illness diminished her stamina for day-to-day tasks and, compared to her normal daily activities, this exertion was akin to flying to the moon.

He slipped from her, rose from the bed, and stood just outside of what appeared to be a small room. When he turned toward her he lifted his jeans from the floor and stepped into them one leg at a time.

He was magnificent. With his rippled stomach and thighs bowed by muscle, he appeared carved from stone. Chin on his chest, he looked at her with smoky gray satisfied eyes that reminded her of storm clouds. Her heart stuttered in her chest.

An almost smirk told her he found their situation quite humorous. Of course she was still completely naked so she agreed—quite humorous. Using her toe to lift her skirt from the floor, she grasped it in her hands and then slid it up her legs. She needed to locate the rest of her clothing, but her eyelids drooped and her body wilted deeper into the bed.

Parker walked toward a shelf next to the bed and stood on tiptoe. Soon the smooth vocal tones of Birdy filled the small boat cabin and her eyes closed. She hoped he’d let her sleep before he wanted her to leave. She knew guys could be funny about that kind of thing, but if he made her go she’d have to nap in her car in order to be able to drive home.

She hummed as he tucked a blanket around her and delicious soft velvet enrobed her skin.

Morning light filtered through the windows of the boat, gently rousing Bailey from sleep. As she sat up reality slowly crept into her consciousness. Shit! Last night she’d completed an item from her checklist. The man . . . what was his name? . . . Peter . . . no . . . Parker was amazing! Coffee fumes filled her nostrils and her nose turned in the direction of the enticing aroma.

Her jaw dropped at the sight of a shirtless Parker wearing nothing but the tight designer jeans he’d worn last night. Thick tight sinewy muscles coursed up his arms, across his expansive chest, and down into the V of his defined abdominals. Even though they’d shared the night, she wanted to slide her hands through his neatly cropped, thick sandy hair and ride him into the sunset. God, what was wrong with her? She closed her mouth and swallowed using the back of her hand to wipe the drool that had escaped. How humiliating.

He chuckled. “Do you drink coffee?”

“Oh . . . yeah . . . I love it.”

Sputtering sounds announced a full pot of coffee awaited and Parker turned his attention away from her. She was glad because it allowed her time to rummage around for her shirt.

Once Bailey had shrugged on her blouse she righted her skirt and slipped on her panties. Wow, this scenario gave new meaning to the phrase walk of shame. She slid on her sandals. She’d just started folding the blankets when Parker arrived with the coffee. She took a break to sip the warm tantalizing liquid.

They exchanged no words as they drank. Parker seemed too comfortable in her presence given their night of debauchery. His eyes scanned her from head to toe and heat bloomed from her face and chest. She looked away from him and drained her mug. She needed to call Maura and hoped her phone was in her car. As unhappy as she had been last night when Bailey had left the club with Parker, Maura would have worn a hole in the carpet by now.

Bailey stood and completed the task of folding the blankets and then held them out to Parker. “Thanks for letting me crash here last night.”

He took the blankets and then lifted her arm, turning the inside toward his gaze. Worry lines formed as he took in the sight of her abused veins. Intense eye contact followed and his mouth gaped, full of questions he’d never ask. He probably thought she was an avid drug user, but she preferred that to the prospect of sharing the truth with him. She pulled her arm away to hide the bruises from his concentrated stare.

Outside somebody was whistling. She could hear footsteps as whoever it was descended the stairs. Shadows hampered her ability to focus on the body descending into the boat cabin.


Julian—the nice guy she’d met at the club a few weeks ago who had taken her on a very traditional date. They’d been to dinner and a movie, though she couldn’t remember the name of the flick. This was way beyond embarrassing.

She looked down at her toes, “Hey, Julian.”

Walk of shame indeed.

“Your name is Bailey?” Her eyes grew large as she turned toward Parker.

“Yeah you fuck trumpet, her name is Bailey,” Julian answered as he shot daggers at Parker.

“Yeah. Um, I better go. See you around.” She couldn’t get out of there fast enough. In her haste to retreat she stumbled at the stairs.

Parker caught her bare upper arm. “Easy.”

She caught a glimpse of the bright yellow of her sweater on the floor in front of the bed. “My sweater.” She snatched it up and tried the stairs again, this time making it out to the upper deck with no problem. She walked down the pier to the spot where she’d parked her Volkswagen Jetta. She climbed in and sank down behind the wheel.

As embarrassed as she was, she realized that she wouldn’t trade her night with Parker for anything in the world. He’d treated her like a desired possession and she’d desperately needed to feel desired again. She started her car and tried to psyche herself up for Saturday dialysis.

“You slept with her?”

“What do you think, Julian? She spent the night here. We weren’t playing Candy Land.”

He threw a punch that Parker dodged, sending Julian staggering across the floor. “What the fuck, Julian?”

“You knew I fucking liked her.”


“That’s Bailey, the girl I’ve been talking to. Took her to dinner and a movie.”

Fuck! He looked around in disbelief. “Shit. I didn’t know. Sorry.”

“You didn’t know?”

“I thought you were seeing a girl named Brenda.”

“Not Brenda. Bailey.”

“Anyway, I didn’t actually get her name before we . . . well . . . sorry, dude.”

Rubbing the back of his head Julian said, “You didn’t get her name. That’s rich. You know the only thing you’ve ever cared about is yourself.”

“That’s not true. I cared about Brook and she totally took a shit on my heart.”

“Brook.” He scoffed. “You only liked her because she wasn’t interested in you. If you had fucked her she’d only be an afterthought. Another piece of pussy to notch your bedpost.”

This time Parker threw a punch at Julian that connected with his jaw and knocked him into the wall.

“Mother fucker!” Julian spat.

“Bailey was never going to have sex with you anyway. She likes it rough and you’re too much of a pussy to take what you need.”

Parker went up top and sat on the deck. He hated fighting with Julian, or any of his siblings for that matter. The guilt burned in his stomach like acid. Julian had been so excited lately as he had talked about the woman he’d met and the dates they’d been on.

Parker scrubbed his face. Shit, why couldn’t he have fucked her like a normal guy? He’d been relentless, but her body had yearned to take what he had to give. He recalled the exquisite feel of her squeezing around his cock as he came and her tight ass closing around his finger.

Julian joined him on the deck. “You recover from your period, Julia?”

“Fuck you, Parker.”

“If I’d known she was the girl I swear I wouldn’t have brought her here.”


“I think she has serious problems anyway.”

“Just like every other girl after you’ve fucked them.”

“I’m talking real issues.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Drugs or something.”

“Are you just making up shit to smooth it over or what?”

Parker bit the inside of his cheek to keep from yelling at Julian. “No. I think she . . . I don’t know . . . never mind.”

Julian rubbed his jaw where Parker had hit him. “I’m sorry about the punch, and I’m truly sorry about Bailey.”

“If we weren’t brothers I’d have dropped you a long time ago.”

“I don’t know what the fuck you mean by that.”

Julian put his arm around Parker. “I have great faith that one day you’ll recognize your worth.”

“Again, no idea what you mean.”

Julian stood. “I came to give you a ride to your truck. Thought we could go to the diner for some breakfast, provided you put on a shirt.”

Parker felt bad about what had happened, but refused to let the morning’s events get him down. He hadn’t known this chick was the chick Julian was so gone on. And he’d meant what he’d said—the girl who had been in his arms last night was looking for something to make her feel alive. There was some depth to her that made him want to know more. For instance, she hadn’t drunk an ounce of alcohol yet she had those track lines on her arms that screamed abusive personality. He shrugged. Wherever she ended up, he hoped she’d get the help she needed.

end of excerpt


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Sep 5, 2014

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