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St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders Box Set

Book 4 in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders


Three full-length novels in one set.

Clay will make your body SIZZLE

A Louisiana fireman, Clay St. Martin liked his hoses bound tight and his women bound tighter. He’d not had a traditional relationship in years and was positive he’d found the answer to all his needs and desires: The Hoodoo Pot””Baton Rouge’s elite members only sex and bondage club.

Eve Ivey had escaped the clutches of her evil ex, but still she constantly looked over her shoulder. That is, until she met Clay. At six feet five, he was a king among men. She’d certainly like to be his queen.

He’d rescued her from a hurricane’s lashing winds and rising water, but his first mistake was in bringing her home. Yet she’d had nowhere to go. A bigger mistake would have been not going back for her.

And now neither of them wanted her to leave. The only thing to do was let the storm rage outside while they focused on the personal storm raging between their bodies.

A storm that was advancing on their hearts.

Let Augie SEIZE your night

Mia was in trouble.

She was alone and she was scared. She prayed for a miracle, and then she met Augustine. A Marine, turned sheriff, named after a saint.

Augustine Roy liked his job as Sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish. He liked the town and the town’s women, some said too much, but he’d never heard any of them complain. He wasn’t interested in monogamy, a fact most single women in town had come to understand. He loved his family and friends and when his best friend, Clay, needed his help, he jumped at the chance to use his skills as a former Marine Corps field extraction expert.

While Augie thrived when life ran calm and controlled, his current situation was anything but. Mia had entered his life and dumped it on its head. To top it off, she was so not his type. He preferred large breasted Southern blondes with experience in the sack. Mia was slim, Canadian, and to his utter disbelief, a twenty five year old virgin.

But then he’d gone and married her . . .

. . . and then she’d passed out.

When Mia woke, she had a new name, and a new ring. She just hoped like hell she’d not missed the wedding consummation.

SURGE your desire with Jackson

He was twenty-eight, she was eighteen.

Everyone around them opposed their love.

But their love was much greater than the sum of their ages.

Clara’s family took Jackson in when, at the age of seventeen, he’d lost his parents. The St. Martins were the only family he had. When his connection with Clara developed into something stronger, he couldn’t feel remorseful. What he did feel was warmth, hope, and love. Ten years later it was time to tell the family””he wouldn’t let their love be a lie any longer.

When he came to live with them, Clara knew one day she’d marry him. She just didn’t know her family wouldn’t be on board with the plans. Sure, Jackson was much older than her and yeah, they’d jumped the gun on intimacy, but she’d needed Jackson’s touch that day and he’d needed hers. They planned to marry once he finished medical school, but when Clara’s brother found out about their two-year relationship he beat the good doctor’s face until he was unrecognizable.

Jackson couldn’t see a way they could be together and she wouldn’t have to make a choice between him and her family. He knew what it was to go through life without the support of family and he wouldn’t let her choose him over the St. Martins.

Will Clara and Jackson be able to have a future together, or will her family tear them apart?

St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders Box Set

Book 4 in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders

St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders Box Set


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When they pulled in to the high school shelter, Clay exhaled the breath he’d been holding for what seemed like miles. He’d saved them; they’d survive now.

Jack had the medics bring a gurney out for Ruth, which was quite a production in the rain and wind. Eve stood waiting by the truck. He watched her, unable to turn away, noting that she was barefoot and still wore the leisurely attire from earlier. Except now she was soaked and he was able to confirm that she was definitely not wearing a bra. That wouldn’t do. She couldn’t go into the school looking the way she did. He jogged to the back of the engine and rummaged around until he found a BRFD T-shirt and sweat suit. The suit was large, but she could draw the string. He walked around to her.

“Here, put this on.”
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He was a nice-looking man, even with the blood dried in his hair and scalp. Tall and muscular. His clothes fit pretty snug and with him standing before her, she could see just how tight his body was. His jeans were faded and he wore cowboy boots. He even had one of those belts with the big buckles. His snug and threadbare light blue T-shirt completed the contemporary cowboy look. His hair was a dusty blond, dark at the scalp and sun lightened on the ends. He wore it messy, a look she liked.

His hands were full, and he handed her an envelope. “Get the door, will you?”

“I’ll need the key.” And the lock. She didn’t see one.
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Where are you?

As Clara read the text she thought about how extremely testy her man had been lately. She knew completing his hospital residency, along with his fulltime job as a paramedic, took its toll on Jackson, but she couldn’t convince him to slow down. She’d have to see what she could do to soothe him. It was Saturday and he had a rare day off. Today was a big day, Clay was marrying Eve—Augie was marrying Mia, again.

She typed a reply text using just her thumbs.
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St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders Box Set

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Aug 8, 2014

ISBN-10: 9781941059166



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